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Bus Stop and Ticket Purchase Locations

Downtown Hotel

Ticket Purchase Locations Hotel front / Bell Desk
Bus Stop In front of the Hotel Lobby

Incheon Airport

Ticket Purchase Locations Terminal 1 : Outdoor Airport Bus Ticket Booth
Terminal 2 : Bus ticket office (at ticketing offices indoors on Transportation Center, B1)
Bus Stop Terminal 1 : Bus Stop No.3B, 4A (1F)
Terminal 2 : Bus Stop No.17, 18, 19 (Transportation Center, B1)
제1 여객 터미널 . 1층, 도착층: K 리무진 승차장
제2 여객 터미널 . 지하1층

Gimpo Airport

Bus Stop To Incheon Airport : Bus Stop No.14
국내선  도착장. 1층